Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Keep Your Head Down" Is Bad Advice for Chipping

Keeping the head down causes most amateur to get wristy with chip shots.

Keeping your head UP allows the body to turn while chipping. Most amateur get wristy with chip shots which results in poor contact. When the body stops turning the wrists become more active. Keep your head out of the way so the chest can turn freely towards the target. After some practice, you should start to make crisp contact and not even think about your head.

Correct example of keeping your head up.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Foolproof Chipping

Nothing will help you lower your scores more than chipping close to the pin around the green. Try these tips next time you practice your short game. Most golfers put little time into chipping and get frustrated. I guess I would too! I hope this serves as a start for proper form in the chipping stroke and inspiration to put more time into your short game.

Ball back in the stance
The ball placed back of center allows the hands to stay ahead of the club. Proper contact between the club face and the ball is the key to controlling the distance desired. This can only be achieved if the handle leads the club head at the point of impact. Without proper form feel cannot develop.

Weight forward
Having the weight of the body favoring the front leg encourages a descending blow on the ball rather than scooping it. If you are struggling with inconsistent contact, put more weight on the front leg and get ready for crisp chip shots.

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